At Mykonos Diving Center we are passionate about scuba diving and offer a range of fun dives that allow you to explore the underwater wonders of Mykonos by boat or from shore.

Not all of the fun dives require you to be a qualified scuba diver, making it possible for first time divers to also enjoy the experience.

Whether it is scuba diving from our Diving rib in the Aegean Sea, lounging around pristine beaches and diving off the coast of Paradise Beach, or experiencing the thrilling reefs of Barracuda Point or our many other dive sites, Mykonos Diving Center offers exceptional diving and great value for money.

At Mykonos Diving Center, we stock a wide range of quality scuba gear and accessories. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and quality products.

Our equipment is perfect for those who want to go diving, but do not have their own gear, and it is included in the price.

If you have scuba equipment that needs service, give us a call.

The brands we carry include: Scubapro, Subgear, Cressi, Suunto and GoPro.

Before you buy anywhere else give us a call, we know the products intimately and can give you excellent advice and a good deal as well.