The crystal waters of Mykonos are full of interesting sites to explore, including two shipwrecks and a rich variety of marine life. Visibility is fantastic in all our dive sites. Our dive locations are chosen on a daily basis depending weather conditions and diver experience.


  Our Daily  Dive Schedule
09:15 Meeting Time
09:30 Briefing
10:00 Departure Of Boat Dive / Snokerlling or Beach Dive or Discover Scuba Diving
11:30 Return
12:00 Meeting Time
12:30 Briefing
13:00 Departure Of Boat Dive / Snokerlling or Beach Dive or Discover Scuba Diving
14:30 Return
14:30 Meeting Time
15:00 Briefing
15:30 Departure Of Boat Dive / Snokerlling or Beach Dive or Discover Scuba Diving
17:00 Return


We are proud to have some of our best dive sites located very close to the dive center. Exciting sites such as Paradise Reef, Paradise Point and Ornos Rocks are less than 10 minutes travel time.

Paradise Reef


Our beautiful home reef has a wide diversity of marine life, from juveniles to adults. Here is the best place to see different species interacting, such as sponges, nudibranchs, colorful wrasse, sea bream, barracuda, starfish and octopus.
Depth: 2 to 30m.
Travel time: 1 min.

Paradise Point

Located just off the bay, this site has dramatic topography, including swim-throughs and steep drop-offs. Look out for Tony, our huge resident grouper! Other marine life found here includes moray eels, lobster, amberjacks and different kinds of grouper.
Depth: 10 to 30m.
Travel time: 5 min.

Grouper Rocks


Friendly wrasse tend to follow divers around this site, which also has a number of interesting ancient artefacts scattered around.
Depth: 10 to 30m.
Travel time: 15 min.

Anna II Wreck


The Anna II is a large cement carrier which sunk in July 1995. She lies on her side at a depth varying from 18 - 35m, meaning that this is an ideal site for intermediate and more advanced divers. The wreck provides an attraction for a variety of pelagic marine life as well as divers, and schools of amberjacks often congregate around the hull.
Depth: 18 to 35m.
Travel time: 20 min.

Only for divers certified to PADI Advanced Open Water/equivalent or higher.


Dragonisi is an uninhabited island located to the south-east of Mykonos. Spectacular rocks formations over thousands of years have formed caverns, which are inhabited by glassfish. The walls of the caverns are covered with small yellow anenomes, and provide a great dive site for underwater photography enthusiasts.
Depth: 3 to 30m.
Travel time: 1 hour

Other sites we visit include:

  • Grouper Rocks
  • Super Paradise Reef
  • Dimitris Reef
  • Prasonisia
  • Kalo Livadi Rock
  • Grippes Wreck
  • Kalafati Reef
  • Peloponisos Wreck
  • Ornos Rocks

Wildlife that we commonly encounter includes octopus, wrasse, barracuda, bream, groupers, moray eels, lobster, nudibranchs and starfish. There are also a lot of sponges, anenomes and spirographs to see, as well as some dramatic and interesting topography. On a few of our sites, you can even see amphora (ancient vases).

Our site choice is based on weather conditions and diver experience, meaning not all sites are available or practical on a daily basis.

We also offer Night Diving, NITROX-enriched air and Deep Diving Adventure and Specialities.



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