Try Scuba Dive

Want to learn how to scuba dive in Mykonos island but don't have the time to do a course with lessons that span over a number of days? Or, maybe you're thinking of taking up diving but you're just not sure if it’s the thing for you? If so, then the Discover Scuba Diving Course facilitated by Into the Blue Scuba Diving in Mykonos, is just what you are looking for!


“The best thing I’ve ever done!”

No license? No problem!

Our try scuba program is designed for people with no experience, who want to try scuba diving in a safe and relaxing way.

Open your mind!...Open your eyes!... Try Scuba Diving is Easy, Quick and Fun.

The basic steps:

·Participate in a 15-20 minute introductory lecture explaining the dos and dont's of scuba diving

·Your instructor will familiarize you with the equipment, explain required procedures, and answer any questions you may have.

·Your instructor will then help you get into your gear, and you will begin exploring the underwater world for the first time.

·In shallow water your instructor will make you feel comfortable, then let you practice to become more familiar with your gear and the underwater environment.

Follows a tour of the shallow part of our home reef.

Minimum age: 10 (For young water enthusiasts, please ask about our Bubble-maker Course, for 8 years or older).

Duration: 1.5 hrs. with maximum duration of in water time 30 min.