Fun Dives

Fun Dives

Explore the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea while Fun Diving in Mykonos.
The Aegean Sea offers calm conditions, with mild to no current, surge or waves alongside fantastic visibility
After a dive brief about the location and local environment, we will head to the water to begin our adventure
Our diving locations are chosen on a daily basis, according to weather conditions and the divers skill levels.
During the dives we might encounter Groupers, Barracudas , Octopus, Rainbow wrasses, Moray Eels, Flounders and more!
Prices include a local guide and a full set of ScubaPro equipment
Best option for certified divers.

Meeting Time: 09h15 For 10h00 Departure
Meeting Time: 12h00 For 13h00 Departure
Meeting Time: 14h30 For 15h30 Departure

What To Expect

Introduction and Briefing
We meet at Mykonos Diving Center an hour prior to departure, you will meet your guide and be introduced to the rest of the members of the group.
The guide will let the group in check their equipment and ensure that it fits correctly, demonstrating the proper use of the equipment as well as the proper procedures that need to be followed in order to ensure the safety of the customers and the protection of the marine life and its environment.
The guide will brief the divers on the location, the site description, depths, visibility and temperature of the water and a detailed description of the marine life that can be expected.

Beach Diving
The beach entry dive is suited for all levels of divers, especially novice divers or divers that haven't been in the water for a while
The guide will assist the group with donning their equipment in shallow water and becoming comfortable before starting the dive on Paradise Home Reef.
You will spend the next hour diving along the rocky reef towards the pier while following your guide and observe for interesting marine life that can be seen on our reef.

Boat Diving
Upon embarkation the boat master and dive guide will assist the group with climbing onto the boat and storing their equipment safely and securely.
The boat will take you to the chosen location for your dive, once anchored near the rocky reef, the boat master and guide will assist the group with donning their equipment, predive check and entering the water.
In the water the guide will lead the group on an exploration of the beautiful reef identifying the unique marine species that they can see.

The Mediterranean offers a variety of marine life and a lot of great locations to explore!