Explore the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea on this guided snorkeling adventure in Mykonos.
After a brief introduction to the snorkeling location and equipment, head to the water to begin your adventure.
As you snorkel look for parrotfish, rainbow wrasses, barracudas, flounder fish, seahorses, and more marine life. Snorkel in the scenic blue water near Mykonos with a guide Includes all equipment Fun activity for all skill levels Stress-free package ideal for first-time visitors

Meeting Time: 09h15 For 10h00 Departure
Meeting Time: 12h00 For 13h00 Departure
Meeting Time: 14h30 For 15h30 Departure

What To Expect
Introduction and Briefing
The snorkeling adventure begins at Mykonos Diving Center where the customer meets their guide and is introduced to the rest of the members of the group.
The guide will begin by briefing the customers on the location where the snorkeling adventure will take place, the site description will include the depth of the reef, the visibility and temperature of the water and a detailed description of the marine life that can be expected.
The guide will then begin assisting the group in choosing their equipment and ensuring that it fits correctly, before demonstrating the proper use of the equipment as well as the proper procedures that need to be followed in order to ensure the safety of the customers and the protection of the marine life and its environment.

Beach Snorkeling Adventure
The snorkeling adventure guide will assist the customers with donning their equipment and becoming comfortable in the water before slowly swimming out towards Paradise House Reef.
The customers will spend the next hour slowly swimming along the rocky reef towards the pier while the snorkeling guide points out the interesting marine life that can be seen.
The guide will assist the snorkelers in developing their abilities by informing them on new techniques they can use to swim more comfortably at the surface and enjoy the marine world in a fun and relaxing manner.

Boat Snorkeling Adventure
Upon entering the water the boat master and snorkeling guide will assist the customers with climbing onto the boat and storing their equipment safely and securely.
The boat master will then brief the group on the safety procedures and necessary boating operations before embarking on their journey.
With a scenic backdrop of the islands surrounding Mykonos the boat will drive to the chosen location for the snorkeling adventure, once they have anchored the boat near the rocky reef, the boat master will assist the group with donning their equipment and entering the water.
In the water the snorkeling guide will lead the group on an exploration of the beautiful reef identifying and describing the unique marine species that they can see.

The Mediterranean offers a variety of marine life such as parrotfish, rainbow wrasses, ornate wrasses, sea breams, barracuda, groupers, gold lines, flounder fish, scorpion fish, moray eels, sea horses, octopus and many more.