Become a dive professional

Become a dive professional

If you are reading this then you are probably interested in trying scuba diving. Now you need only invest a few minutes to find out firsthand what diving is like. That's because our Discover Scuba experience can have you under water, breathing air, in no time at all. Discovering scuba is simple, easy and fun. It's the most convenient way we know to experience the actual sensation of scuba diving.

A few basic steps are all it takes:

Upon your arrival, you will watch a short 20 minute introductory video which describes the do’s and don’ts of scuba diving.

Then your instructor will familiarize you with the equipment and its’ use, as well as explain all the required procedures.

You will then get geared up in Safety Tested equipment – allowing you to explore the marine life of the colorful reef.

A short walk to the water line, in shallow water you will practice the basic exercises previously explained to you by your instructor so you can familiarize yourself with the equipment and the underwater environment.

Now you are ready for your guided tour of the underwater world!

After your first experience breathing underwater, mingling with fish and discovering the underwater world you can find out how easy it is to continue diving with our Open Water Course. Our instructors have extensive experience in training beginners in the recreation of Scuba Diving and in making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. To find out how quickly you can become a qualified scuba diver contact any member of our team and we will be more than happy to further assist you.

Three Stages of your Training:

First dive DSD I Beach entry dive Basic Skills

Second Dive DSD II with additional skills and a guided tour

Third Dive DSD III By Boat


Be an Instructor

The DIVE ADVENTURES Skin Diver program is an entry level snorkeling course. This 12 hour program combines classroom instruction with several hours of practical in-water experience. Skin Diver graduates will be familiar with diving equipment, diving safety including dive planning and lifesaving, and the local water environment including local game laws and conversation. Who Should Take the DIVE ADVENTURES Program? People vacationing at hotels and resorts, and casual water sports people young and old.

Minimum age: 8

Don't have the time?
Try our Snorkeling Adventure Program. A full of fun two hour snorkel trip. Visit our FAQsection for more details / Contact us for more details.


Be an Instructor

The DIVE ADVENTURES Basic Scuba Diver program, is an entry-level course, for divers who want to start getting their feet wet, but do not have sufficient time to complete our Open Water course (OWDC). The course consists of four theory modules and all confined water training sessions, and is designed to increase diving enjoyment beyond our Discover Scuba Diver program. It can be completed in two days. Who Should Take The Basic Scuba Diver Program? Divers seeking entry level education, and want to continue and complete their OWDC at a later time.

Minimum age: 12


Be an Instructor

The Open Water Scuba Diving Course is an entry level certification in Scuba Diving. This program can be completed in 3 simple steps

1. Getting the knowledge – knowledge development sessions that teach you the crucial things divers need to know (5 video/theory modular lessons)

2. Confined water dive sessions – you’ll develop the practical scuba skills of a diver (5 modular lessons that can be completed in 2 dives)

3. Open water dives – put your previously learned dive skills to practice in the open water environment with your instructor. (4 open water modular dives)

As the course is taught on a private basis it can be completed in 3 days or can be spread out according to your convenience. This would include 5 theory lessons and 6 dives. Once you have graduated you will be competent in basic Open Water diving activities and you will receive your first internationally recognized PADI certification.

Are you suited for this program?

If you are comfortable in the water and wish to pursue diving as a recreational activity or potential career, then the Open Water program is the first step in becoming a qualified diver. The Open Water certification is the heart of every diving program and your key to the diving world, wherever you go for holiday.

Minimum age: 10 (Junior Open Water Designation)

If you don’t have the time please ask about our Scuba Diver Training Program or our Diver Referral Program that can be accomplished in 2 days or less.


Be an Instructor

The Advanced Scuba Diver program is a mid-level course for people who have completed the Open Water Course and would like to get more involved in diving. The biggest advantage to completing the Advanced level is to be able to become more comfortable in the underwater environment under various conditions.

The Advanced Diver Course will give you the choice of mastering natural navigation, night diving, deep diving, search and recovery diving, boat diving etc. The course consists of 5 open water dives and is designed to improve your diving skills as well as introducing you to new underwater activities. Also, each adventure dive you undertake in the advanced course counts towards the relative specialty certification.

Who should do the Advanced Scuba Diver Program?

Divers seeking to improve their skill level and explore new and more challenging diving environments (wrecks, deep water etc.) As well as divers who would like to climb up the diving ladder.

PREREQUISITE: Open Water Diver

Minimum age: 12 (Junior Open water designation)


Be an Instructor

As those of you who are already divers know - no matter how much diving we may do, it’s just not enough. Not enough, that is, when it's something we enjoy so well. If you have been away from the water for a while, DIVE ADVENTURES have a program which is sure to make you feel like a fish the very first time you hit the water. The DIVE ADVENTURES Scuba Review is a home study guide, which allows you to review the skills and information you learned years back. Along with it, your proficiency will be evaluated in water as well as out. AND, of course, our staff will always be handy during your update to answer any of your questions. An effective, economical way to insure continued comfort in the water is the Scuba Review course. It's fun and it's easy.


Be an Instructor

The Rescue Diver course is an advanced level course for people who have completed the Advanced Scuba Diver certification and who would like to manage possible dive emergencies, identify potentially hazardous situations and assist divers in need. The Rescue course is a fully comprehensive course which will further your skills in self rescue as well as introduce you to techniques that you will need in order to rescue/assist other divers in need. Also, in this course you will achieve a basic first aid and CPR certification that you can also use in out of water situations. If you would like to feel fully prepared to handle any diver emergency the Rescue Diver Course would be an essential course for you to undertake. The Rescue Course will soon become to diving what First Aid and CPR have become to us in everyday life. But, the best thing about Rescue Course is that if everyone were to take it, no one would need to ever use it. Wouldn't that be great! So, do your part for continued diver safety and enroll now in our next Rescue Course.

PREREQUISITE: Advanced Scuba Diver & Medic First Aid Course

Minimum age: 15


Whether you are new to the sport and want to discover more of diving's exciting potentials, or an experienced diver seeking new interest, DIVE ADVENTURES Specialty Diver training is for you. You can open up new areas of underwater interest or strengthen existing skills in over ten sanctioned specialty subjects. At DIVE ADVENTURES Training Academy, you can find courses in every phase of diving.


Be an Instructor

Create something to share with others and reinforce memories by enrolling in DIVE ADVENTURES Underwater Photography Course. Photography provides the thrill of the hunt without harming the marine life. This course covers basic underwater photography with special emphasis on practical photographic techniques. Some other subjects that will be covered are available light, flash photography, camera handling, composition, photographic principles and care and maintenance of equipment.

Be able to enjoy your dive over and over again by having the skills taught in this course.

PREREQUISITE: Open Water Diver


Be an Instructor

Have you ever dreamed of being a pirate? Or, better yet, dream of discovering pirates' treasures? You can make some of your dreams come true by diving for anchors, and so much more. This DIVE ADVENTURES specialty course develops necessary skills and knowledge for safe wreck diving. The planning, organization procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of wreck diving are thoroughly covered. Combine the adventure of your dreams with the know-how received from proper training.

PREREQUISITE: Advance Open Water


Be an Instructor

The Equipment Specialty Course will familiarize divers with the operation and maintenance of equipment, minor servicing, theory and principles of the operation of diving equipment, maintenance procedures, and simple suggestions for comfortable equipment configurations. The course will also include common problems with equipment and recommendations for maintenance and storage of equipment. An insight to new products will also be included. So, make this a must in your continuing education program because the instructors at DIVE ADVENTURES really get into the equipment and make sure you get your money's worth.

PREREQUISITE: Open Water Diver


Be an Instructor

Diving after the sun has set is an almost indescribable experience that is always remembered. The nocturnal life on a reef is uniquely different from life on the same reef during the day. Octopus, stone crab, strolling lobster and sleeping fish are just some of the sights to be seen on a night dive. The colors are intensified by the artificial light from dive lights. This course is to prepare that diver to dive safely at night. It includes dive planning and preparation, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of night diving. The confidence gained during this training will enable any diver to be comfortable in the water day or night.

PREREQUISITE: Open Water Diver


Be an Instructor

Cavern diving is defined as a dive conducted within the light zone of a cave. The light zone being that part of the cave from which natural light illuminating the entrances is visible at all times. With proper training, confidence can be gained to safely explore old flooded coal mines searching for articles from the past or finding fossils embedded in the rocks of a cavern. Air consumption management, reef handling and lighting are just some of the skills taught in this specialty course.

PREREQUISITE: Advance Open Water


Be an Instructor

Many of the wrecks and ledges divers want to explore lie beyond the 18 meter (60 feet) depth, which for a sport diver is considered the beginning of Deep Diving. What’s so magical about 18 meter (60 feet) depths and beyond? Why should there be different procedures? How can I go deeper without causing undue stress and strain on myself and my buddy? Come learn the answers to these questions and much more in DIVE ADVENTURES Deep Diver Course. This course will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge for deeper diving. It includes planning, organization procedures, techniques, problems, special equipment, buoyancy control and descending lines.

PREREQUISITE: Advance Open Water


Be an Instructor

"Oh, no! I just dropped my new fishing pole overboard. Quick, let's gear up and find it." The Search and Recovery Course just might make the difference between a happy ending or the loss of a fishing pole. Different search patterns will be shown to ensure full area coverage. With the knowledge learned from the light salvage portion of this course, a diver will be able to use lift bags and other techniques to bring heavy objects, like anchors, to the surface. Endless benefits are in store for the diver completing this specialty.

PREREQUISITE: Advance Open Water


The Master Scuba Diver rating is the highest non-instructional rating awarded by DIVE ADVENTURES. It is an expert diver classification, denoting superior achievement, and it is the most highly coveted sport diving rating in existence. Master Scuba Diver certification is achieved by earning a Rescue Diver certification and five specialty courses of your choice.


Be an Instructor

The Experienced Diver Certification is for the "old timer" who has never been certified and is finding it increasingly difficult to buy air and make dive trips on charter boats. Any diver who has been diving for a minimum of two years and has proof of a minimum of 20 open water dives may apply for an Experienced Diver Certificate.


A Skin Diving Leader is trained and authorized to independently teach and certify Skin Diver courses. Because of the growth and popularity of such skin diving activities as snorkeling and free diving this position may reap substantial benefits in and of itself. Many Skin Diving Leaders offer such training exclusively, while others look upon their rating as a step towards becoming an Instructor authorized to train and certify scuba programs.


Be an Instructor

Leadership, adventure and travel are only few of the rewards will experience from the satisfaction of completing DIVE ADVENTURES Divemaster program. In the course of this program you will learn and develop skills of guiding others underwater, working as a safety assistant for instruction, organizing diving activities and conducting dives. All this and more will be accomplished through in-depth training in waterman ship, diving skills and overall diving knowledge. Everything will be outlined with specific guidelines and extensive training materials.

The DIVE ADVENTURES Divemaster Course - a significant commitment on your part to become a true diving professional and an integral step in the Instructor Development Course, as taught by DIVE ADVENTURES. Feel free to come in and discuss the employment opportunities available.

PREREQUISITE: Advance Open Water and Rescue Diver


Be an Instructor

An Assistant Instructor should have patience, understanding and a desire to help others learn about diving. The Assistant Instructor is authorized to teach diving under the direct supervision of an Instructor, and is in the best possible position to develop his or her own instructional skills. The rating can be a step on the way to Instructor certification or on a volunteer basis.

Match your time, talent and interests with the DIVE ADVENTURES programs, and enjoy the enhancement of your personal and professional diving skills.


An Instructor is a person dedicated to the motto of safe diving through education. As an Instructor you can be your own person while you help others develop their diving skills. An Instructor is a person to whom others look for leadership and knowledge. DIVE ADVENTURES welcomes your participation. If you like to work, if you are eager to lead others, if you believe that to train the best you must be the best trained yourself, become an Instructor trained from DIVE ADVENTURES. Join the finest.






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